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Explore the value of using custom, privacy-safe DTC and HCP audiences that drive greater Rx lift and so much more with Swoop’s new MM+M channel: Using ML/AI and Real World Data for Precision Healthcare Marketing.

Pharma marketers are adapting to a variety of changes that have impacted targeting and privacy. Katie Carr, SVP of sales at Swoop, discusses the privacy changes being made by the walled gardens and why strengthening targeting via a custom-built patient audience segment puts advertisers in a more favorable position as those shifts occur. Listen now.

Watch now: Katie Carr, SVP of sales at Swoop, explains how pharma brands can leverage condition-specific patient segments to connect with more relevant consumer audiences online in the first segment of a 3-part video series from Swoop. 

Find an effective solution to the end of cookies and other online behavioral data harnessing techniques that are soon to expire. In this eBook, Swoop’s thought leaders explain an effective solution to the end of cookies and other online behavioral data harnessing techniques that are soon to expire: building audiences generated instead from real world health data that’s privacy-safe and de-identified. Learn more.

Building relationships with key opinion leaders and working with the most likely brand advocates is critical to achieving optimal patient outcomes and realizing commercial success. Read more from Swoop’s Sim Simeonov.

Conventional, demographic-driven, one-size-fits-all patient audiences fail to consider a brand’s specific needs and core therapeutic advantages, as well as how patients consume healthcare information. Swoop cofounder and CTO Simeon Simeonov explains how applying privacy-safe machine learning and artificial intelligence to real world data can help medical marketing professionals build highly targeted audience segments. Listen now.

“The way companies that organize around analytics measurement typically approach data science is the way you use salt in a recipe — you add it to the end and it improves the flavor; but salt cannot fundamentally fix a flawed recipe or transform a pie into a stew,” said Swoop’s Simeon Simeonov. As an organization built from the ground up for ML and AI, Swoop has the ability to help medical marketers target their ideal patient by creating individualized segments using both privacy and accuracy. Hear more.


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